Lower Your Bills With
Free Energy From the Sun!
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Why go solar ?


  • Generate your own free power for decades
  • Protect the environment; reduce pollutants
  • Increase your home property and resale value
  • Decrease your carbon footprint

Smart Investment

Our solar systems are extremely reliable, need little to no maintenance, have little to no operating costs, and produce thousands of dollars worth of energy.

Tax Credits and Rebates

You can qualify for whopping tax credits for installing solar panels and solar water heaters. The solar energy tax credit is part of the Economic Stimulus Package passed by the Obama government in 2009. In addition Massachusetts offers solar tax credit, rebates and low to no interest loans.

Getting Started

We will conduct an Energy Assessment and Analysis of your home, provide a Detailed Report and perform your Installation.

Why Rent or Buy Power from the Utilities? Solar Enables you to Generate Your Own Energy from an Unlimited and Free Fuel Source. Help Convert our Community to be Eco-Friendly and Self Sufficient! Solar Panels Deliver Solar Energy Directly to Your Home! Solar Heating is the Way to GO!

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