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Solar Pool Heaters & FAQ

Summer Flyer
Posted on 01. June, 2010 by admin

Enjoy a warm comfortable pool all summer!

Once you have invested in solar pool panels they work superbly to keep your pool warm. Your swimming season is extended from early spring into late summer. The heat generated by the sun does not cost you a single penny. No more expensive monthly heating energy bills, and feel great about reducing your environmental footprint!

Pool Panels/FAQ
What can pool panels do for you this summer?
Posted on 01. June, 2010 by admin

A solar pool heater will allow you to enjoy a warm, comfortable pool all summer long. Solar energy can produce pool temperatures in the 80"s (warmer if desired) and extend your swimming season by a few weeks in the spring and fall.

Why are solar pool panels better than a gas or electric pool heater?
Posted on 01. June, 2010 by admin

With the installed costs of solar heating and conventional heating systems being similar, the annual operating costs of a gas or electric heater costs is hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Solar costs zero. Plus, knowing that your unlimited supply of free energy contributes zero pollutants to our air, land, and oceans will make your pool even more comfortable!

Will a solar pool heater work if you have an existing pool heater already.
Posted on 01. June, 2010 by admin

Yes. The solar pool system will integrate seamlessly with a conventional pool heater to create a hybrid system, greatly reducing the amount of time the conventional heater needs to run. Many solar customers find the solar heating systems work so well they can turn the existing heater off completely.

Will the solar panels work if the roof does not face directly south?
Posted on 01. June, 2010 by admin

Most homes with pools have an adequate amount of exposure to the sun to locate solar pool heating system. The panels can be mounted in a variety of locations such as roofs, ground mount racks, a custom trellis, and even fences.

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