Lower Your Bills With
Free Energy From the Sun!

Why Solar ?

Benefits of Solar Energy




  • A positive move toward personal energy independence.
  • Save money on your household energy bills and keep more of your income for you and your family's needs.
  • Your best hedge against escalating energy costs.
  • Producing your own energy is cheaper than buying it from the fuel companies or utilities.
    Once the initial investment is paid for, the energy from your system becomes tax free income.
  • An excellent return on investment. Solar heating systems typically have an ROI of 13% to 20%.
    Compare this to the Dow or S&P indexes.
  • Can increase your home value by lowering the basic operating costs.
    Home value increasees by about $20 for every $1 in reduction of annual utility bills.
  • Solar systems are extremely reliable, need very little or no maintenance, and have little to no operating costs.
    All while producing thousands of dollars worth of energy.
  • A wide variety of available solar energy systems means that a system can be designed to fit almost any budget.
  • Tax inccentives of 30% to 40%.
  • Low to No interest loans are available. A no interest loan can sometimes reduce your out of pocket costs to near $0.00.


  • Reduce your carbon footprint by burning less, transporting less, and requiring less fuel to be produced.
  • Help to reduce the rate of climate change. Renewable energy systems generate no green house gases.
  • Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Compared to fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide, solar cells don't release anything into the air.


  • Globally, the solar industry has grown at an average annual rate of 40% for the last 8 years.
  • Investing in a renewable energy system supports he local economy, business, and manufacturers- which of course, ultimately benefits us all
  • Traditional home energy sources export most of your dollars to large, national and international businesses, investors, and foreign oil producers
  • Helps create a stronger national economy, and national security, by reducing our dependency on foreign oil or gas.

Health and Social

  • Solar energy is completely renewable. We will never run out and there is more than enough to share with your friends and neighbors
  • Contributing fewer pollutants into the local and world environment will lower the health risks associated with burning fossil fuels, leaving a healthier world for all, including our children and future generations.
  • A healthier environment, means a healthier public. This can only help control health care costs.
  • Helps to preserve our fossil fuel supply for other necessary uses.

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